Gwernyfed High School

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Additional Learning Needs

The Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Act will transform the separate systems for Special Educational Needs (SEN) in schools. GHS, like all schools in Wales, have implemented the ALN Act. Children and young people with additional learning needs have a difficulty or disability that means they need extra support, or find it harder to learn than other children and young people of the same age. We are dedicated to inclusive practices and offer a continuum of provision to meet individual pupils’ needs. Pupils with Additional Learning Needs are taught in mainstream classes where they may receive additional support from LSAs. Class teachers know their pupils and will be fully aware of any additional learning needs within the class and will differentiate accordingly. Pupils will access support in class or through withdrawal sessions, depending on their difficulty and/or the intervention needed. We are committed to ensuring equal treatment of our employees, pupils and any others involved in the school community with any form of disability. We will ensure that disabled people are not treated any less favourably in any procedures, practice or service delivery .

 Our ALENCO is Mrs Donna Palfreman who can be contacted via email at: