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Independent Learning

Learning at home/homework supports and strengthens the learning that has taken place in class. It is the expectation that pupils complete all tasks set. Homework will be recorded in planners and/or ClassCharts (or school information systems).

As pupils move through from lower school to upper school the lengths of tasks will increase and pupils will also be expected to complete more independent revision. Pupils (and parents) will be given guidance on how to revise successfully. The new library in the Mansion House is open before school, during lunch time and after school to support pupils with their learning.

Children and teenagers can be more successful when parents and family members take an active interest in their homework, it shows that what they are doing is important.

A few tips to help you at home include:

  1. Have a homework friendly area.
  2. Have a regular homework/study time to take place - routine really works!
  3. Help them devise a plan. Take regular breaks. Breaking things down into manageable chucks is a real motivator.
  4. Keep distractions to a minimum.
  5. Praise their work and efforts.
  6. Don’t forget we are here to help and support if you need us.


Links for helping your teenager to revise:

How to help your teen revise for their exams (The Parents' Guide)

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