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School Nurse

Your School Health Nurse

The School Health Nurse is there to help you and can be the first person you may wish to speak to for confidential advice and information about your health. The work School Health Nurses do is expanding and they now have two main roles:

  • to give you confidential advice, care and treatment
  • to look after and protect your physical and emotional health

What can I go and see The School Nurse for?

You can go and see your School Nurse for lots of different reasons:

  • to talk about your health
  • to de-stress and get emotional support e.g. if you have problems at home or with your friends
  • if you have long-term health problems
  • to refer you to someone else who can help you e.g. doctor or counsellor
  • to talk about your weight and healthy lifestyles
  • to receive information and leaflets e.g. on how to give up smoking or information about sexual health
  • to learn how to examine yourself e.g. for breast cancer or testicular cancer