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Area 43

 Schools and Community-Based Counselling Services in Powys

We are pleased to working in partnership with Area 43 provides an Independent School and Community Based Counselling Service in Powys.

Area 43’s counselling service is available to all children and young people. Counsellors  establish any special requirements during the first interaction and determine the preferred language, ensuring sensitivity to cultural differences that may have an impact. Area 43 can offer alternative counsellors as required, with consideration for gender and language.

Counselling is a skilled way of helping people with personal and developmental issues and difficulties in a safe and confidential environment which gives them an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways to live in a more satisfying and resourceful way.

It offers the opportunity to increase self-awareness, develop personal resources and understand their problems as well as develop strategies to cope with change. The counselling service is delivered by highly trained professionals and managed by people who fully understand the values, aims and limitations of counselling.

Face-to-face services are delivered between Monday and Saturday, 9am to 6pm, all year round, excluding Bank Holidays. Sessions will be 1:1 or in groups (where appropriate) for 10 – 19 year-olds, in either school settings or in the community as required.

Alternatively, they  can provide a seamless, blended service with online sessions via secure online meeting platforms, expanding the age range to 11 – 25 year-olds depending on the needs of children and young people. All counselling relationships  usually comprise up to eight weekly sessions and in the language of choice.

Online services are bespoke and tailored to the individual, with young people being matched with a counsellor who will deliver the same quality services via online methods as the face to face services, with additional safety measures in place. Online sessions will be arranged by counsellors directly with the individual at times to suit and will include evenings, weekends, and Bank Holidays up to 10.00pm. For remote sessions, the counsellor will send a video meeting link and instructions to the client to attend their session at the pre-arranged time using their preferred method of communication.

The teams head office is open throughout the year, with telephones remotely answered 24/7 by staff sensitive to the needs of children and young people, parents, carers and school staff requesting referral to the counselling service. They provide parents with an understanding person to confide in, for their own wellbeing needs concerning children and young people. They  have counsellors and supervisors available during school holidays and outside of school hours. So, with children and young people’s agreement, appointments will take place either in person or remotely during these times.

Area 43 takes referrals from other professional agencies, parents/carers, health workers, youth workers and school staff using the same referral form, but no one can ‘make’ a child/pupil have counselling if they do not want it.

Area 43 is an active member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and its Children & Young People’s Division. They are committed to supporting the BACP’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling.